Video: Huge Embarrassment For Jignesh Mavani, Journalists Slammed Him When He Asked To Remove Republic TV Mic

On Tuesday, the Vadgam MLA was participating in an interaction with academics, activists and students in Qaid-E-millat International Academy of Media Studies in Chennai. Following the two-hour interaction, a media briefing was organised with Jignesh.

It was when journalists from television channels placed their microphones on the table that Jignesh, on seeing the Republic TV’s mic, asked who the channel’s reporter is. “Who is the Republic TV’s reporter? I won’t talk to Republic,” Jignesh reportedly said. While journalists from the other channels attempted to pacify the political leader, stating that it was only a “general bite” and not an exclusive interview, Jignesh stated that it was his policy not to speak to Republic TV, the channel led by Arnab Goswami.

“I won’t answer questions. Remove the mic,” Jignesh told journalists in the room. It was then that Shabbir Ahmed, a reporter from Times Now replied, “You can’t demand that (which mic should be there and which should not). We don’t want this press conference, you can go.”

With other journalists coming together to show support for Republic TV’s reporter, the press briefing ended with Jignesh not taking any questions.

The show of support by the otherwise competitive news media has been commended by journalists on Twitter.