Video: Mob That Killed Pakistan Student Mashal Khan For Alleged Blasphemy Celebrates His Death

Remember how Mashal Khan was killed by an angry mob in Pakistan for alleged blasphemy? If the lynching and murder wasn’t gruesome enough, a video has surfaced that shows a group of men, allegedly the ones who were involved in his murder, celebrate Khan’s death. They are also allegedly taking an oath to not reveal the names of those who killed Khan.

 In the video, posted on Dawn‘s YouTube channel, a group of men are seen clapping and cheering.

Huffington post reported that they were heard as saying:

“Congratulations, congratulations!

Silence, silence!

Whoever shot him [Mashal], don’t take his [the shooter’s] name

Whoever takes his [shooter’s] name will commit blasphemy. If you want to file an FIR, my name is Arif”