Video: Muslim Mob Went On Rampage In Jaipur Over A Traffic Dispute But Media Is Silent, Why ? Because rioters are not Hindus

A Muslim mob launched a vicious attack on Jaipur police and set fire to a power house and 5 vehicles, including an ambulance, around 8 PM yesterday night in Jaipur’s old city area of Ramganj. Police had to resort to tear gas, rubber bullets and air firing to control the situation. 1 person died, while at least 15 – including 5 policemen – were injured, some of them critically.

Presently, there is heavy police deployment and curfew in 4 police station areas of Jaipur city – Ramganj, Manak Chowk, Galta Gate, Subhash Chowk. Schools have closed in these areas today, and mobile internet has been discontinued.

The violence erupted after a minor dispute. Police was trying to clear illegally parked vehicles and handcarts blocking traffic in Ramganj, when a constable waving his stick at an e-rickshaw accidentally hit a bike on which a Muslim family of 3 (husband, wife, daughter) was travelling. The bike fell down and the family suffered minor injuries. The dispute then reached Ramganj police station (PS).

Within an hour, a huge mob gathered outside the PS and started chanting slogans.  Soon, the mob turned violent and started pelting stones at the PS – they even attempted to storm inside. Vehicles parked in front of the PS were burnt, and a nearby power house was torched.

Hindi daily Bhaskar’s photojournalist Anil Sharm was beaten up by the mob, and they also seized his camera. One rioter has died – Mohammed Raees.

Hindi news clipping about attack on police by Muslim mob in Jaipur (Credit: @manichejain)

Watch Here how muslims are attacking shops, police and public property for silly traffic issue:

Mob has religion unless it is Hindu and victims have no religion if they are Hindus. It is true, at least in the eyes of the mainstream media of India. Every single mainstream media – the industry dominated by the Leftists – screams the religious identity of a mob if it is composed of Hindus. Which is why you read about ‘Hindu mobs go on rampage’, ‘Hindus target Muslim man’, ‘Mob of Hindus Destroy Shops’, etc, etc.

A quick search on Google at the time of writing this article revealed that nearly every major media house in the West, too, believe that ONLY the Hindus can go on a rampage and ONLY the Muslims can be victims.

This is what appears when we type ‘Hindu Mob’ in the search box.

And when we type ‘Muslim Mob’, this is the result.

Even if left media reports this they will always try to portray that Muslims are innocent, they have not done any wrong and its police who are culprits, police instigated mob, here is one such leftist Hindu bashing site.

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