Video: Shah Rukh Khan punched a prank show host for scaring him in Komodo dragon costume for a Prank

Shah Rukh Khan was left fuming when Egyptian comedian and host of Ramez Underground, Ramez Galal, pranked him on his show. The actor was clearly not amused by the prank and came really close to punching Galal.

Shah Rukh was in Dubai for an interview and was heading for a shoot in the desert with TV presenter Nishan, who was also involved with the prank. The driver ‘loses his way’ and lands the vehicle in quicksand. The car starts sinking and the driver ‘drowns’ in the sand. SRK tries his best to stay calm and keep a screaming Nishan and another man who was in the car, from sinking too.

Then Ramez puts on a Komodo dragon costume and comes hissing towards SRK and the others. SRK tries to splash some sand at him but the ‘dragon’ doesn’t budge. After a few more moments of torture, Ramez finally reveals to SRK that it was all a prank.

Shah Rukh refused to take it sportingly and lashed out at Ramez. “This is nonsense you got me all the way from India to do this sh*t?,” he said.

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