Video : This Christian Convert Women Giving Hateful Speech Against Hinduism In A Foreign Church, So This Is The Religion Of LOVE ?

Christian Converts are most hateful towards Hindus then normal Christians. This women converted and listen to her hateful speech in a foreign church. Can you imagine in any Hindu temple prayer meeting or in Satsang, Hindus even mention name of other faiths or religion. Hindu respect all but we are not STUPID

Both Islam and Christianity are in a race to convert as many Hindus as possible to their religion

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3 thoughts on “Video : This Christian Convert Women Giving Hateful Speech Against Hinduism In A Foreign Church, So This Is The Religion Of LOVE ?

  • October 8, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Hinduism allows atheism and hinduism allows you to belive in a god of your liking and a guru of your liking there are no compulsions. Further Hinfus don’t worship demons. Hinuism the most flexible religion on planet. A hindu is allowed to pray or not to pray or be a total atheist. In fact in hinduism there is a spiritual principle but no concept of God. As per hinduism this creation was always there and will always be there. There is no Creator. Only foolish religions have a creator. Physics has no creator. It is a 10000 year old belief system which changed with times and adapted to modernity. This woman is speaking lies before a white audience. Just tell her to write down names of 2000 gods she had learnt by heart. Actually the white man’s shit is very tasty to such black skinned converts who wish to establish themselves in a white society by speaking lies about an ancestral faith. These are lower than the lowliest among humans. Beware of such preachers.

  • October 8, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Hinduism should declare of Rastra Dharmo Only. No more Conversion Trading & no more Conversion Investment. & all should Scrutiny under Public Private Collaboration Movement. Only Hindu Identity in any case of Marriage should be up hold as Country Identity. AND Should Learn from the Past Experience of Mughal & British Administration, they done in Indian Soil.

  • October 8, 2017 at 11:46 pm

    I had attended almost all types of pentecostal worships.and so many friends are also there and I treated them with equal status of other christian worships.For years, a paster visited every twice in a month and myself and other members of the family give money for his prayers. Last year I had attacked by some of the hooligans who were friends and members of this paster’s church.The next week he came to see me with his wife and arguing in support of this hooligans.After listening everything I shouted and told no to enter my compound.
    What I am telling is a funny story.My grandmother from a Hindu background and like me encouraged every person who came to my house with a Bible in hand.One day a person from a pentecostal belief came here and while praying,he shouted with marubhasha.(tongues)That is, TTee kabalara, choo kabalara chala peela THEN NEXT HE SAID THE NAME OF THE NATURAL GAS WHICH EMITTED FROM THE BODY OF HUMANBEING in malayalam..This is pentecost, just like a bubbles of gas..

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