Video: This is what happened when Baba Ramdev met the Dalai Lama at World Peace & Harmony Conclave in Mumbai

Spiritual leader Dalai Lama and Baba Ramdev on Sunday oozed bonhomie and displayed their friendship for the world to see on the stage of the World Peace and Harmony Conclave here.

Baba Ramdev touched Dalai Lama’s feet and in return the latter blessed him and got playful and yanked on his beard for quite some time!

At one point the Tibetan spiritual leader showed no signs of letting go of Ramdev’s beard, but the Yoga guru took it sportingly.

Amid laughter and guffaws, the Dalai Lama then poked at the flat midriff of Ramdev, to which the latter responded by displaying his incredible skills and flexed his abdomen in trademark Baba Ramdev style.