Video: Watch How PM Modi replies to Digvijay Singh For His ‘Ch**ya’ Meme On PM Modi …….

Even as we debate Prime Minister Narendra Modi following abusive trolls on Twitter, here is Congress leader Digivijaya Singh himself tweeting offensive tweet regarding the PM, albeit with apology for the offensive language which he ‘couldn’t help posting’.

The language of abuse was so bad, that it can not be used openly in an article. So, better to read the Image text in his Tweet and know what he said about PM Modi on an open platform.

While addressing the “Inauguration function of the Golden Jubilee of ICSI” Narendra Modi was presenting the facts in front of the people present and during the same he said “I have got a lot of criticism, This is true that while we transfer the benefits in the accounts of the people directly, There are some “BHOOTIA- Ghosts” people who get irked. He even waited for a few seconds to use this term