Watch Here: Gautam Gambhir kick-starts inspirational campaign for Indian soldiers, “Remove Jhijhak ki Patti”

Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir has been one of the most out-spoken celebrities as far as the concerns related to India army personnel are concerned. In his latest attempt to give the due honour to Indian soldiers, the left-handed batsman has launched an innovative campaign, asking people to take selfies with Indian soldiers.

In a hugely inspiring video shared on his Twitter account, Gambhir has asked fans to greet Indian soldiers whenever they come across them.

In the video, Gambhir has put across a clear message that civilians should keep aside their ‘Jhijhak’ (apprehensions) when they come across a solider. People should shake the army personnel’s hands, say thank you and if possible take selfies with them. All in all, the men in uniform should be made feel special.

Courtesy – Zee News