Watch How Australian Imam expresses anger on Muslim men who use public urinals, It Is Also HARAM ?

In what seems to be a bizarre rebuke, an Australian Imam has been seen expressing anger over men who use urinal. Blaming it to be a tendency to align oneself to western cultural patterns and norms, the Imam said that Islam has no room for such men. Like animals, men should also be more rooted to nature and urinate in open.

Speaking at a meeting, the Imam seemed so furious that he started screaming while presenting his views to the public. According to him, urinating in designated urinals is absolutely uncalled for in Islam, and hence, haram. 

With this, many people are of the notion that multiculturalism has faced a severe decline in Australia. It is to be remembered that Australia’s foreign policy is among the most stringent in the entire globe. In fact, every refugee who arrived illegally by boat is deported, and banned from ever entering Australia. Also, the refugees who have recently arrived from Iran have been designated as fake refugees by the government of Australia as the immigration authorities caught them returning to Iran for holidays and even to get married.

Amid all these turmoil, the Imam favoring such derogatory and unhygienic moves is prove enough that despite such strict foreign policies, Australia has failed to nurture its multicultural facet for the better.

Reportedly, Australia is also pushing the EU to undertake its foreign policy.

What do you think of Australia’s foreign policy? Do you think Australia to do something to tackle the Islamic extremism that has been erupting from various corners of the island continent?