What Are Anti-Romeo Squads? Here is how they operate

In its election manifesto for Uttar Pradesh, the BJP promised to create Anti-Romeo Dals (or squads) near colleges to “ensure the safety of college-going girls” and “check eve-teasing”.

Here is how is works and what it is

 * Each team to consist of two policemen. Mostly one male and one female

* Two to three teams could be deployed in the jurisdiction of one police station

* Number of teams deployed would depend on the number of schools and colleges in the area

* They will move around near schools and colleges where there are a larger number of women

* Their task is to identify eve teasers and troublemakers in a crowd

* They will move around in uniform and in some cases in plain clothes

* Teams would comprise constables, head constables, ASI and SI

* Anti romeo squads can let off miscreants with a warning, can inform parents and even initiate criminal action depending on the seriousness of the case


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