What These 3 Teachers Did With Hindu Students Is Really Shocking, They Treated Them Like Untouchables

Hindu students of a Haryana school have alleged that three teachers forced them to perform namaz and embrace Islam. The students also said they used to get beaten up for not performing namaz. The shocking incident happened at Mewat Model Public School in Marhi village. Following the serious allegation, District Magistrate has suspended two teachers while the third teacher was transferred.

“In 2014 we used to stay in the hostel and there was a warden whom we used to call Arif Sir. Sir used to compulsorily make us offer namaz. He would call those who did not read it and slap them. We left the hostel in 2015 because after we said we did not want to recite, the teacher forcibly started teaching us Urdu instead of Sanskrit,” said one of the students while speaking to Zee News.



Initially, the parents ignored the complaints. However, they were shocked when their son started performing namaz at home. Bijendra Singh, who is the father of the child who was performing namaz at home, says he still cannot get over the shock. “I told my child not to get into these things and keep the focus on studies.”

The student also said the teachers used to abuse Hinduism, asking him to embrace Islam. “They would make derogatory remarks about my religion and force me to convert to Islam,” said the student. The administration came into action after other students also complained about it. The school has 207 students, and it had three Muslim teachers. One of the accused teachers, however, denied the charges and said he was being framed.