Where is RAGA And Who is this girl with Rahul Gandhi ? See The Pics

Source –theindianvoice.com

The only time Rahul Gandhi is on media radar is during campaigning or visits houses of so called seculars for a photo opportunity. Rest of the time, nobody has a clue where he is or what he is doing.

His whereabouts are hidden and again he pops up when there is a chance to seek some political advantage.He doesn’t attend Parliament sessions (if attend then he only sleeps), nor does he participate in any discussions and has never participated in any policy making even during the Congress rule for 10 years. There is always a secrecy maintained about his foreign trips.

Being a member of the Parliament and a person who represents a constituency, he has a commitment towards the people of this country, on whose tax he lives. He owes an explanation about his activities to the country since he is not a private but a public figure and moreover a politician.

Many media houses raised few speculations that he spends most of his time outside India partying, but there were not enough of proofs to support their claims.  Rahul may be successful hiding his whereabouts till now but this time he is captured on camera partying with his foreign friends.

Here you can see those pictures:

These pictures have said to be taken recently, where he can be seen partying with his foreign friends. The location is unknown but is most likely aboard not India.

Rahul is known to lead a very lavish lifestyle and during elections, it was he who enacted that he wears a torn kurta and criticizes PM for dressing well. These cheap gimmicks are only exposing him more and making him look like a FOOL!

The real issue here is that why a man who has ZERO interest in governance and wants to enjoy his life partying and touring other countries tries to be a politician and dreams of being the Prime Minister of India?