‘Won’t allow Modi to make India a Hindu nation’ says Former PM H.D. Deve Gowda, National President of the JD(S)

National president of the JD(S) and the former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda has said that he won’t allow Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make India a Hindu nation.

He was addressing a party rally at Shahpur city in Yadgir district on Friday.

“A person from Karwar, whose hate speeches were the subject of a Kannada news channel debate recently, has been inducted into the Cabinet. Mr. Modi wants to make India a Hindu country. But, it will not happen until I am alive,” he said. “India should be the country where people from all community should live peacefully,” he said.

He referred to the irrigation projects that he implemented when he was Irrigation Minister and Chief Minister of the State and also Prime Minister.

Mr. Gowda also attacked Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for his statement disgracing the party.

Calling upon party leaders, Mr. Gowda advised them to set aside personal differences and work together to bring the party to power.

“If the JD(S) government comes to power, farmers’ loan will be waived and irrigation projects would be taken up,” he added.