Yes Its Diwali And Pseudo Liberals Started Their Work, Here Is What Sagarika Posted Which Got Trolled Badly

Deepawali signifies dispelling the bleak darkness of winter with the warmth of light. The humble clay diya is a metaphor for the light of knowledge within that destroys the ignorance. It is a reminder of the importance of knowledge, self inquiry, and for getting rid of the evil in and around us. When we share gifts and sweets with our neighbours, friends and loved ones, we understand the joy of inclusiveness.

Sanctimonious Hindu-hating ‘elite’ have systematically tried to diss, dissect and disrespect Hindu traditions and festivals with a monotonous regularity in the last few years. When it is Holi, they get out of their Olympic sized swimming pools and tell us to save water. When it is Karwa Chauth or Vat Savitri, they tell us how the festival is a symbol of ‘patriarchal oppression’. When it is Ganesh Chaturthi, they give us lectures about not ‘polluting’ water, even as they open their bottles of Evian sparkling water. During Navaratri, as the average Hindu is getting ready to worship the manifestation of feminine strength in the form of the Devi, these people come up with articles about how to do an ‘alternative reading’ of Mahishasura.

Every single Hindu custom, belief and festival has come under a savage attack from the ‘opinion-makers’. They mock our festivals and deride our customs using the yardstick of ‘environment unfriendliness’.

Truth is, all Hindu festivals are about respecting nature. Our ancestors understood the changing cycle of seasons and devised a festival calendar that would understand, respect and celebrate nature. Holi marks the beginning of spring, hence the playing with colour. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival to celebrate the harvest, and to remind us that just like the clay Ganesh Moorti, we too are born from the five elements, and must return to them some day. Deepawali marks the beginning of winter, hence the first symbolic oil bath and the spreading of warmth and light by lighting diyas.

Sanatana Dharma has been the most eco-friendly faith ever. Traditionally, we ate our meals on plantain leaves, our diyas were made by local potters, and we used locally grown fruits and vegetables as offerings to the Divine.

Now that diwali is coming so sagarika started giving her biased gyan for Hindus.

Here is what she tweeted:

Like always people trolled her for this biased tweet: