Your Blood Will Boil After Knowing What Mamata Has Said About Calcutta High Court Statement Over Immersion Of Durga idols

The Calcutta High Court noted that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had told a public meeting that Hindus and Muslims lived together in harmony in the state. “Listen to what the head of the state says and not a police officer,” said the court.

“Slit my throat but no one tells me what to do,” a defiant Mamata Banerjee declared today after a court said her government in Bengal cannot ban the immersion of Durga idols on Muharram and cancelled the unusual restrictions that she had ordered on grounds that there could be trouble. “You are exercising extreme power without any basis,” the Calcutta High Court said in sharp comments on the order banning immersions after 10 pm on September 30 – when Durga Puja ends – and on Muharram a day later.

Mamata Banergy is in a false presumptions that she has been winning elections because of Muslim support. Congress too was of the same opinion. It has been busted time and again. Still they are pursuing the same policy. Till now she never had such a huge opposition in her state as she is facing now. Hindus enblock are now against her after the series of communal clashes in various cities.

Mamata’s policy of increasing the salary of madrasa teachers and clergies, without corresponding increase of religious ones of Hindus, have exposed her partial dealings. She is unable to have balanced approach.