Which is Good day of the Week as per Astrology? – Guide

In India, the Hindu population is huge. Among all, they rule over 80%. So, astrology, temples and rituals are obviously seen more in our country. Most of us are very much interested in the ancient science of Astrology for prediction. Even from buying gadgets to building houses, people are keenly searching for the best days and times. Here, we have a brief on goods days of a week and auspicious days for buying, starting and etc..

Good day in this week

Yes, every day of a week possesses its own power, positivity and negativity. Let us start from the beginning day of the week.

Sunday: The day is ruled by the planet Sun (Ravi). This day is mostly recommended to start studies, consume new medicines, join the military, and initiate wood related work. Sunday is considered to be auspicious for purchase of property, car purchase, gold, silver, copper purchase and sale. Since the planet is Red in color, buying colored-items and even wheat grains is supposed to bring luck. If anyone asks “Is today a good day to start something new?”, please refer to the above points that might be the good answer.

Monday: This Moon day is recommended for buying agricultural equipment, wearing gemstones, new clothes, selling & buying jewelry items. Buying them on Monday will bring you immediate good results. The day is good to start the drug, cosmetics manufacturing, dairy farms, travel and planning.

Tuesday: This day of Mars is responsive in giving medium results. One may go for surgery, may involve in technical and trade-related works, may buy defence material. Since Tuesday is considered to be associated with Lord Hanuman, buying red-colored things might bring luck to you. Buying kitchen items, buying red colored items are considered lucky. Besides all, buying gold on Tuesday during Mars horai will make you the gold be with you forever.

Wednesday: Lord Mercury rules this day. You can initiate education, loan and money matters, writing, accounting, buying vehicles, tailoring and may conduct house-warming function. You may even plan for short trips, music and art and buying iron material. Commencing professional and medical education will favor the students. As the day is associated with Goddess Saraswathi and Lord Ganesha you may consider buying stationery items, literature works.

Thursday: The day of Guru is the best day to buy electronics as per astrology. Items such as Laptop, Computers, electronic gadgets and even Thursday is the best day to buy mobile phone astrology. Buying properties is also recommended on this day as it showers longevity to all the items whichever you purchase. You may also start medicines on Thursday and even commence studies and do marriages.

Friday: On the day of Venus, you can make love relationships, involve in buying & selling, consider the works in motion pictures, agriculture, and co-curricular activities. As the Goddess Lakshmi is associated with Friday, you may buy decorative items for the house and office, cosmetics, new dresses, wallets that will favor you with good luck.

Saturday: Lord Shani is associated with Saturday. It is highly recommended to donate iron items instead of buying them to keep your family and business safe. If you question “Is Saturday a good day to start something new?”, the answer will be yes and you might start religious activities, do housewarming, start employment and even buy a car on Saturday. While starting marriage proposals, job searches will definitely end you up with the best results.

As to how days have a major role in every day, the same color does. Colors and days are nowadays considered as the most essential parts. Based on this only, most of the people make their dress colors every day to attain utmost success.

Sunday: Wearing red, orange, bright yellow and orange clothes will fetch you blessings from the planet on your soul, health, father, and honor.

Monday: Wearing light blue, silver and white colors will improve your happiness, sleep, wealth, the health of mother, and travel.

Tuesday: Red, orange colour clothing might empower your bravery, and signifies competition, movable property, land.

Wednesday: Green color dressing on this day will bring you good business, studies, intelligence, and friends and keep your maternal uncle well.

Thursday: Wearing yellow clothes on this day brings intelligence, wisdom, well-built body. You can even get inclined to religious matters.

Friday: Off white, pure white and pink colors bring you luxury life, beauty, jewellery, vehicle and other happiness.

Saturday: Wearing navy blue and black color clothes will defend you from poverty, sudden death, accidents, robbery, disability, and disease.

On the above note, a Good day in this week is determined by you only based on your activities. If you are still in confusion, better seek an expert astrologer advice to overcome your puzzle.

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