Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage Astrology Prediction

There is a very old saying that marriages are made in heaven. But the reality is that we should always give a particular reference to the astrology part before deciding to marry. Once a marriage is fixed between a girl and a boy it is better to contact an astrologer. That will help you solve everything. The astrologer will match the kundlis of the two people. But what happens in love marriages. Do people believe in love marriage astrology? What will happen if the astrology of the two lovers does not match with each other? There might be a solution to this problem.

What can be the predictions for Love marriages?

There are people who are confused on the matter of whether will I have love or arranged marriage? This is the common thing that is mostly observed among the girls. It can be solved if anyone gets in touch with a reputed astrologer. He will find out the exact time and date for that. But to know about it, one must submit the date of birth and time of the birth. To decide the facts related to the marriage Venus and Mars play an important role.

A reputed astrologer can give exact details about love or arrange marriage prediction. This is something interesting that everyone would love to know. As per the prediction system of the Horoscope, the role of Venus is much vital. Venus is said to be the “Karaka” of marriage. It is a male horoscope and Mars is said to be the female horoscope. The 7th house is the ruling horoscope of marriage. We all know that there are 12 signs and out of these only Libra and Scorpio are the most important ones. This is because they occupy the 7th and 8th houses of the natural zodiac.

Kala Sarpa Dosha

Significance of date of birth for love and arranged marriages

It is also found in a number of cases that most of the things are related to love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth. In short, the date of birth is an important one in almost all cases. It is through this date of birth that the astrologer can decide the exact date and time of the marriage. Rather they can make a better prediction for that.

There are many houses and each of them has a special significance in all aspects. Take for example the 5th house represents things that are related to love, intimacy, romance, and closeness.

A marriage whether it will be a loved one or an arranged one can be decided based on the numbers. For this, it is good to stay in touch with astrologers who can predict the best time after making a careful study of the numbers. These studies can only be made once the astrologer has the correct date of birth, time of birth, and other related things. This will make their work much easier and smoother. They can easily predict the same.

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage

Predictions and calculations for Love Marriage:

The love or arranged marriage calculator plays a very crucial role in this case. The purpose of a marriage calculator is to calculate the marriage date and whether it will be an arranged or a loved one. Apart from this, the calculator also gives a special preference to the position of the planets to a great extent. It is the planet that will decide everything commencing from the date of marriage till whether it will be a successful one or not. It is found that a marriage calculator will also give a broad outline or an overview of the status of the marriage.

It is also important to know that there is a strong relationship between marriage and planetary positions. There is a natal chart that will decide whether the person is destined to marry or not. It is also due to the planetary positions that the marriage may delay. It is better to rectify the same and get it done at the correct time. In the case of the men, it is the 7th house that is Venus which will decide everything related to the marriage. Similarly, for women, it is the 8th house or the Mars that will decide when she will get married. The marriage calculator plays a crucial role in almost all cases.

It is prepared by making a chart followed by the date of birth in a month. On the other hand, the numbers are placed on the other side. Let us check some examples and that will make everything clear. For numerology 1, the date of birth or month should be 1, 10, 19, and 28. As per this, it is presumed that people of this group are born leaders. They are bold and make their own decisions in their life. These people have the tendency to dominate their partners. Another thing is noticed in their character which is one cannot make them do anything until they have the urge to do the same thing. These people mostly marry their childhood friends, provided their kundli’s match with each other. If the date of birth is 15 or 24 they will come under the numerology of 6. These people have some dynamic personalities. They have a beautiful and charming look. People under this group are presumed to be very manipulative. They are good at making love. However, once their wishes are accomplished they have the tendency to move away. It is better if they are married to people of the same mentality.

Moles on Body on Female & Male

Will i have Love or arranged marriage?

Read above guide to check if you will have love or arranged marriage. Moreover, you can consult an Expert Astrologer on Astrochat App and know more about your marriage life.

Where is the Love or arranged marriage calculator?

We have mentioned about Individual’s chances of Love or Arranged Marriage as per their birth date or birth chart.

Final words:

It is a tough job to match two people and bring them under the title of marriage. Marriage is not only a union of two people but of two families. It is good if the mentality of both the persons matches each other. It is essential to see that the mentalities match with each other and this will help them to lead a happy married life. It is also the duty of the two people to maintain the relationship. It is the relationship that is to be continued for a longer period.

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