Lizard Falling on Body Parts of Female Meaning

There are many people who are afraid of lizards. They feel to pass through the way if there is a lizard sticking to the wall. Sometimes the lizards fall into our body. This is the time when we become the most disgusted. Do you know what happens when the lizard falling on right hand for female. There are different sayings and predictions made based on this event. Some people strongly believe it while some do not have any faith or believe on the same. It depends on the person what they believe or not.

Predictions related to lizards:

Lizard Falling

If Lizard Falling on Left Hand of Female meaning

However, there are many things related to this reptile. As per the Hindu shastra, there are ample things related to the falling of reptiles. Some of them are good while some reflects evil signs. It is found that lizard falling on right hand can give a person with mental stress and anxiety. It may not be a good thing and the person can have severe issues which might also turned to be a serious one. If the lizard touches the fingers of the left hand it can also bring a lot of worries in your life. Thus it is evident that lizard on left hand is not at all a good sign.

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If Lizard Falling on Right Hand of Female meaning

Many times it may happen that the lizard on right hand is found to fall. It means that you are going to get new attire or a wear. This is good for the person. all these predictions are based on Hindu Shastras and thoughts. Even the tik tik sound of the lizard carries a different message in our daily lives. When you are speaking anything with a person and the lizard makes the sound of tik tik it means that you are speaking the right or truth.

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If Lizard falling on the head of female:

This is a common thing when the lizard falls on your head. It can be the most scariest part. If the lizard falls on the head of the person it indicates that he will be bestowed with wealth and good luck. If the person is already sick or suffering from any disease and the lizard falls on his head, it means that he will suffer a lot in his future. However, we cannot always restrain the falling of the lizards on our head. It can happen at any point in time.

Let us now explore the falling of the lizards on various body parts and its significance.

  • The lizard falling on left hand for female is found to be auspicious for the women’s. It can also carry a good message in her life.
  • If the lizard falls on the right ear of the person then the person can be granted with a long life which is good.
  • If the Lizard falls on the left ear, then the person can gain a good wealth.
  • If the lizard falls on the lip it can be an indication of wealth destruction.
  • If it falls under the lip, it reflects that the person will experience a change in his lifestyle.
  • If the lizard falls in between the knees then the person is going to get new vehicle. It can be something special for him.

However, one can restrain the falling of the lizard on the body. To do this, you need to maintain some rules. If the lizard falls anywhere in the body, you need to take a head bath and visit a nearby temple by lamping a candle. This can prevent you from bringing bad luck into your life. You can also recite Maha mrityunjay Mantra to push back negativity from your life.

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You can also touch the golden lizard of the Kanchipuram temple if possible or touch the feet of a person who have already touched the golden lizard. It is better not to panic when the lizard falls on the body. You can only follow the above-mentioned guidelines to get rid of this awkward situation. It must be now clear to everyone of us that lizard falling on the right side of the men and left side of the women is thought to be highly auspicious. But if the same happens on the left side of the men and on the right side of the women then it will never carry a good message. Rather it will be bad for their lives.

Final words:

It is found that lizards ha their existence even during the ancient days. People had various things or stories related to this story. But now it is known to everyone about the significance of the falling of lizards on the person’s body. Lizards belong to the reptile family who mostly prefers to reside in the houses. Gowli Pathana Shastra is one of the shastras that deal with the falling of lizards and its various effects.

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