Meanings of Moles on Body on Female & Male as per Astrology

There are very few people on this earth who does not have moles in their body. Now, what do moles mean? Moles are usually of light brown or black color spots that are available in parts of the human body. They are of various sizes. Some are big while some are small in size. In Hinduism, there is a tradition and belief about moles. It is found that the presence of moles in different parts of the body will reveal your luck. If anyone has moles in any body parts, they must try knowing the luck.

What are the various beliefs on moles present in body parts?

In this part, it will be good to know about the impact or the role of moles in various body parts. Take for example mole on neck meaning female means that those females are thought to be very patient. They are hard-working people and want to work hard in their life. They are much more clever by nature and they would always prefer choosing life partners who are more polite than them. Most of these people have a successful life and a great life partner.

moles on body

On the other hand, many times moles are observed on the face of the person. This is a common one. The mole on face meaning female means affection and loving. It signifies that the person is an affectionate one.

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What is the significance of a mole on the body?

Many times it is found that there are moles in different parts of the body. However, they have different meanings and significance at the same time. The mole on body meaning carries a different message. Some of them are presumed to be lucky while some are considered to be unlucky for the person.

Let us discuss some of the noted positions of the moles in the body.

  • The presence of a mole on the right side of the head signifies that the person will be excellent in politics. He will be a successful politician who will win the heart of the common people. If the mole is found to be green or red, it signifies that the person may become a minister in the future. He can also achieve a higher rank in the Presidency in the future.
  • The presence of a mole on the left side of the head reflects that the person will never have or gain enough money in his life. There is a chance that the person will not get married in his life. He may have a passion for literature which will take him to a better position.
  • The presence of a mole on the back of the head shows that the person is going to be submissive to his wife. He will be under the strict control of his wife. He will have enough money but that will be of no use. Everything will be under the control of his wife. He will be deprived of leading a social life at the same time.
  • A mole on the front of the neck shows that the person is artistic in nature. He will have a passion for art and drawings. He will also have a special knack for music. He is also believed to have a melodious voice. He is also expected to lead a happily married life.
  • A mole on the right-hand side of the forehead signifies that he will have enough fame and wealth. He will achieve a good reputation in society. This will also help him to lead a better social life which is a good thing.

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Impact of a mole on a male’s body:

Similar to the female the moles also have a special impact on a male’s body. The mole astrology for men is much more interesting at the same time. As per both Vedic and Chinese astrology, it is very important to have moles in the body. For example, a mole on the upper part of the lip resembles that the person will have a wonderful love life. He will also get a loving and caring partner in life. Just like this, there are several assumptions based on the presence of a mole in the body.

The black mole on body meaning is much interesting. It will be great to learn about it. Some of the black moles are found in the important places or positions of the body. The black moles are much more common among females. You can get it mostly on the chin and face area of the females. However, a black mole just on the neck signifies and reflects that the person will have good luck in his life. In addition to this, the person will have a soothing voice. They may have a passion for listening to music. If the mole appears on the back part of the body it may happen that the person will have a bad or aggressive temperament.

There are some places where the lucky moles on female body are found. They have a special significance in life. The list of lucky moles is a big one. Let us discuss some of the few ones. The mole just in the middle or in the central part of the head is presumed to bring good luck in a women’s life. The mole that appears on the center of the forehead is also a good one for the women. The mole that appears on the cheekbone is also lucky for the females.

The mole that appears just behind the shoulder is also good for the women. The mole that comes just on the breast or under the breast is also lucky for the females. It is also good if the mole is on the arm.

Bottom lines:

Thus, it is evident from the above discussion that moles play a crucial role in the human body. Whether it is black, green, or even red each comes with some roles and significance in life. There is nothing wrong with the moles but it is good to have them in the body.

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