What is Rakshas Gan? – Rakshas Gan Male/Female Characteristics

As per astrology, there are three types of Gan. They are Manav Gan, Dev Gan, and Rakshas Gan. The gans are decided after the birth of the baby. There are many people who strongly believe in matching the gans before the marriage. You will also find different views regarding the gans. The marriage between Dev gan and Manav gan is the best one. But it is better to avoid the marriage between the Manav gan and Rakshash gan. It can be bad for both the people. This is why most Indian marriages are decided and fixed after the gans are matched.

About Rakshas Gan:

In this part, it is important to know about Rakshas Gan meaning. The word Rakshah means a person who has demonic features or nature. Keeping this in the mind, people started drawing a negative thoughts about this gan. They started marking various concepts for this gan. People who come under this gan are presumed to be very arrogant and stubborn in nature. They have the tendency not to listen to anybody. They are thought to be of rude nature. That is why it is better to avoid people who come under this group.

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Is it good to have Rakshas gan:

It will be good to learn about the Rakshas Gan benefits. one thing is clear from the gan are found to be very straightforward. They would speak everything straightly. However, it will keep everything clear and the person will be clear. Rather they speak tart words.

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On the other hand, they hold the ability to handle every situation firmly. This is good and special about the people under this gan. No matter how tough is the situation, these people are always ready to handle it. This is because they have a strong mentality. There is a misconception that people in this group are rigid and stubborn but this will ultimately help them to gain success in their life. These people are found to be much passionate about their careers. They have the tendency to fight against the odds and the wrong things in society.

rakshas gan

Thus, if anyone asks you what is Rakshas Gan? You can now say and have good knowledge on the gan. It is our thinking process that this gan is thought to be of evil nature. The actual fact is that it is not always good to think bad about this gan.

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Features of female Rakshas Gan:-

It is also vital to know and have adequate knowledge of the rakshas gan female characteristics. Let us check it out in the next few lines.

  • Many people think that having rakhshash gan can be bad for the person to whom they will stay connected.
  • A most female who has rakhshash gan are strong in nature. They are rather bold and have the capacity to speak everything boldly.
  • They can also handle any situation boldly. This is why it does not bring any effect on their nature.
  • They speak truly. These people are good by heart. They are stubborn and this nature will help them perform well in their career.

On the other part, the rakshas gan male characteristics are also presumed to be the same. They are much arrogant in nature and behave rudely toward other people. They have the tendency to speak everything boldly. They never fear handling any situation. This is good for their life as everything remains transparent. If we go for the matching of the gans it will be seen that Dev gan can marry Manav gan and Dev gan. Manav gan can marry dev gan and Manav gan. And when it comes to the Rakhshash gan it is good if they get married with the rakshash gan or Manav gan. It is wrong to give marriage between Rakhshash gan and Dev gan. It will never match and ultimately both have to suffer.

If there is any wrong among the gans, rashis, or kundli’s it is better to search for the remedies. It is good if some pujas are performed under the proper instructions of the pundits. They can provide the best remedies for this problem. After performing this, they can lead a smooth life. In India, it is mandatory to match the gans and the rashis. This must be done for the well-being of the bride and the groom. However, you will get people who do not believe the same and simply go for the marriage ceremony.

The Rakshas Gana and Marriage:

Bridegroom/Bride Dev Manushya Rakshasa
Dev 6 5 1
Manushya 6 6 0
Rakshash 0 0 6

Moral – It is better that Rakshash gan candidate marry someone who has Rakshash gan.

Final words:

Matching of gans and rashis are the primary thing for every marriage. With time, everything has changed and people do not believe. But it is good if the gans are matched between two persons. This will help them to pass a happy and good conjugal life. Marriage is a union between two hearts who needs to be happy in their life.

FAQs Related to Rakshas Gan

What is Rakshas Gan?

Rakshas Gan is one of the gan that each human being carries as per astrology. There are a total of 3 gans, Manav Gan, Dev Gan, and Rakhshash Gan.

Is manushya gan and rakshas gan marriage possible?

It is quite possible the marriage between manushya gan and rakshas gan. Though, it’s better that you show your Kundli (horoscope) to an expert astrologer before the marriage.

Is marriage between rakshas gan and Devgan marriage possible?

Yes it is. But since it is different gan, we advise you to consult an astrologer before you proceed.

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