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Most of us have a firm believe on numerology. What is numerology? It is the study of numbers. It is through this number you will get an idea about which number is suitable or perfect for your life. By following this, you can include this number wherever required. To know this, you have to give your date of birth to the numerologist. He will decide it after going through the date of birth. You must know it very well that Date of Birth is termed as Janmark. It plays a crucial role in the life of a person.

Is there any relation between vehicle number and numerology?

vehicle number numerologyFrankly speaking it depends from person to person. For many lucky number for vehicle based on date of birth has proved to be helpful and lucky. If you know you’re lucky number through a numerologist, you can easily select the one and place it as your vehicle number. This can prove to be lucky a helpful to you. You may have a happy time with your newly bought car. It is natural that you have some passion for the numbers. It will be good to know about each of our lucky numbers.

Let us try to gather some information about the lucky numbers. Out of this, vehicle number numerology is something interesting. Take for example if you date of birth is on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th, you’re lucky number will be 1, 2, 3 and 9. Similarly if your date of birth is on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th, you’re lucky number will be 3, 1 and 9. This is the way through which you can know about your lucky numbers. It will help you to select the right number in your life. It can help to get back your luck.

How to Choose Car Number as per Numerology – Astrology?

Single Digit of Vehicle Planet Belongs to Good Aspects Negative Aspects
0 Can change your life. Can give big negative impact as well.
1 Sun Works well with government works. Will increase your Ego.
2 Moon You may have many traveling. May cause small accidents.
3 Jupiter Good for consultation work. Will increase your Ego.
4 Rahu Will make you rich. Can force you to make the wrong decision in life.
5 Mercury Perfect for business. Not give you good impression.
6 Venus Good for creative works. You will get distracted.
7 Ketu Will make you more religious trips. Will not benefit much.
8 Saturn Will help you to reach more people. Will make you super busy.
9 Mars Help you to make a quick decisions. May cause small accidents.

Indian lucky numbers:

In India, people have a special preference for lucky numbers. They find it better to adopt these numbers. This is why there is a good demand for Indian lucky numbers numerology. Most people have also taken it as a profession. They have conducted good research through which they can help the other people know their lucky number. If you are eager to know about the lucky numbers, you can visit them and provide your date of birth. They will help you to get your lucky number which you can place and use in various places.

Apart from this, many online sites also provide this scope to the people. Once they put their date of birth on the form, the calculator will start working and give their lucky number. It is one of the best ways through which you can know about the lucky number. You can place these numbers as your vehicle number. It has proved to be great.

So, lucky numbers are something exciting for many people. If you want to do anything good in your life, you can try your lucky number. This should be done from an authorized numerologist. You will get to know many things of your life.

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