A Hindu Boy Allegedly Thrashed By A Group Of 15 Jihadi Goons For A Facebook Post In Gujarat, Any Cry From Liberal Media ?

This latest incident from Gujarat. 15 Muslim goons thrashed an innocent Hindu boy (the twitter handle owner) in full public view. His only crime – some Facebook post they found “offensive”. No one came to his help and a crowd stood there as mute spectator. Police didn’t help and asked him to compromise instead. So basically Christian missionaries can abuse Hindu gods as much as they want, convert with impunity.

Muslim leaders can mock Hindu gods as much as they want. Liberals can abuse Hindus everyday. But one word against Muslims or Christians and they’ll just show street violence – not a single Hindu come to beat them back nor does police help. Additionally they can rape, kill, torture, abuse any Hindu just for being kaafir and no one will touch them. On top of that media will cherry pick data and make a case that Hindus are trouble makers and Muslims/Christians are victims.

If this is your helpless and spineless state with 75% population then the future of Hindus is really in serious jeopardy. Most Hindus are just happy clicking “like” on Facebook and that too only for sensational posts and not for actual solutions. After clicking “like” they will carry on with life without implementing any long term solution for their own safety. Maximum they’ll vote Modi & assume their job is done and Modi will magically change everything!!

Even a small incident against Muslim or Christians is enough for leftist media, secular and liberals to create outrage and start protest like #NotInMyName but here Hindu boy is a victim and culprits are Muslims so no one will even care about it, every one will act like as if nothing happened.

Check out the post of François Gautier, a French political writer and journalist based in India :

Francois Gautier

Please read the full thread about this incident on twitter handle @hindusrhumantoo This latest incident from Gujarat. 15 Muslim goons thrashed an innocent Hindu boy (the twitter handale owner) in…

Here is his tweets:




Tweeter handle of ShankhNaad tweetx: