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I am a 19-year-old Hindu girl from Kerala. I am studying in a Muslim dominant college (girls only) in the Malappuram district. Most of my friends persuade me to convert to Islam since they say it’s the only way to get eternal salvation. I am in a dilemma. What should I do?

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Tell them that your religion is the one that as per their annals is where the message of God first resonated and is still as much alive and fresh as it was when it was first sounded.

If they do not understand what you are saying, then tell them that you are referring to their first Prophet – “Nabi Adam” who as per their annals arrived in Hindustan (India). If they raise any doubt, shows them the below Hadith from Mustadrak with Hakeem’s tawtheeq about Adam (علیہ السلام):

حدثنا محمد بن الحسن الكارزي حدثنا علي بن عبد العزيز حدثنا حجاج بن منهال حدثنا حماد بن سلمة عن حميد عن يوسف بن مهران عن بن عباس رضى الله تعالى عنهما قال قال علي بن أبي طالب أطيب ريح في الأرض الهند أهبط بها آدم صلى الله عليه وسلم فعلق شجرها من ريح الجنة هذا حديث صحيح على شرط مسلم ولم يخرجاه

Exact and full translation is:

“The best wind on earth is in al-Hind (India), Adam(a.s) was sent down with it, and its trees caught some of the wind of paradise”

Tell them that their last Prophet – Nabi Mohammed could still smell the fragrance that Nabi Adam brought with Himself coming from India. Tell them that this fragrance is of Hinduism.

Tell them that their last Prophet Himself claimed that He is a Hindu at heart. And if they do not believe you, give them the reference of the below Hadith:

Holy Prophet (PBUH) once said:
“I am Arab, but Arab is not in me and I am not in Hind (India) but Hind (India) is in me”.
میں عرب ہوں, لیکن عرب مجھ میں نہیں اور میں ہند میں نہیں لیکن ہند مجھ میں ہے
– source Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi (RA) mentioned a Hadith, referenced by Al-Tibrani-Al-Aust (الطبراني الأوسط)

So tell them that by nudging you, they are most likely to gain wrath of Allah who would certainly not want someone to renounce the religion of the land which Nabi Mohammed claimed to have the fragrance of paradise. Tell them that by doing so they are probably acting as partners of Iblis – the satan who lured Adam and Eve to act in a way that made them loose paradise.

And if they claim that Hinduism has corrupted and that their’s alone is the true religion then remind them of what

Taliban did in the name of their religion at Peshawar.

Remind them of Malala and of numerous girls like yourself not able to attend the schools and colleges on the name of their religion


Remind them of the butchery that ISIS has unleashed in the name of Islam.

[edit – Images of ISIS brutalities deleted to help uncollapse the answer]

They are most likely going to say that all the above are corrupted versions of Islam and does not represent it’s true philosophy. And they would be very right when they say so.

The ask them about what Islam is all about and they will come up with numerous philosophies that advocate love and compassion, not just towards fellow humans, but also towards animals.

Then you tell them about your philosophy of ahimsa – that not only advocates love and compassion par excellence, but also advocates that a seeker on the path of God should turn vegetarian and practice the compassion they preach. Then ask them how their philosophy is anyway superior than yours. Unleash a debate – a healthy discussion.

They will also advocate the doctrine of One God (Tawhid) and claim it to be only true. Then tell them that you agree and that’s the very essence of Hinduism too and introduce them to the principle of Advaita Vedanta (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/…) and ask them how it’s different from their Tawhid.

They certainly would astonish and argue about your worshiping numerous gods and goddesses. They would argue that if Hinduism claims God is one, then what about the 180 millions Gods we advocate and worship?

Tell them that these are not God’s and that the term God is a wrong translation done by the westerners. They are referred to as “Dev” and “Devi” in our annals which literally means Demigods. Tell them we worship them not because they are “Brahman – the One God that Vedas advocate but because they are a link to Him. They are God manifested in the form where He is understandable and approachable. A reminder of Divine and His sheer excellence.

They would still doubt. They would raise questions on logic of worshipping rivers and trees. They would tell that it’s tribal behaviour where the uncivilised worshiped natural forces as they could not comprehend them.

Tell them that we worship them not because these rivers and trees are Gods or natural forces that we cannot comprehended, but because we were smart enough to comprehend the divine features of these natural forces. They sure will not understand.

Then tell them that you worship Ganges because it exhibits a special property. This property is of self cleaning.

Tell them that science has just discovering these facts, but we Hindus discovered it a millennia earlier and thus paid our reverence to this divine river because if it’s divine properties.

Similarly tell them that we worship peepal tree because it also exhibits a similar divine property. And this property is that unlike other trees, it emits oxygen even at night

Science has discovered this special property today and calls it an ability to perform a type of photosynthesis called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (Crassulacean acid metabolism ) your ancestors has discovered it generations ago and thus accorded a special divine status to this tree and made it sacred to preserve it.

Well, after this they might get a little dizzy but they have been conditioned into accepting that their religion alone is true and rest all faulty. So they will still argue. They would still raise questions like worshiping animals like cow???

Tell them to go home and sit in the lap of their mother, just the way they did when they were kids. The mother would indeed be surprised and look back at their daughter with extreme love and affection. Tell them then to look deep into their mothers eyes and look at its radiance. There is no deeper compassion than the radiance that would be flowing out of her eyes that time. Tell them to record it and remember it.

Then ask them to find any straying cow on the street and look into its eyes too.

If they have an eye, they probably will find an answer themselves. If they don’t, tell them that its out of respect that is associated with the fact that she provides you with milk and thus deserves the same respect that you give to your mother. Do not forget to mark that it’s actually very demonic to eat someone that feeds us and certainly not in sync with the love and compassion towards animals they advocated initially.

After all this discussion, your friends might still disagree. They would still claim that their Prophet was a great soul and that its only through His path that a soul may be saved from eternal hell and enjoy the pleasures of heavens till eternity.

Tell them that you their Prophet was indeed a great soul and you bow down to Him, but then tell them that they have done a great harm to Him by just calling Him a Prophet. For had He been born in India, then we Hindus would have called Him Bhagwaan Mohammad.

They would look back at you in great awe. Then show them the below picture and tell them that He is a Muslim Saint who is worshiped like Gods by Hindus.

That’s were they would create hue and cry. They would say that’s where Hinduism has gone all wrong. They would say that no human can ever be compared to God who is incomparable and uncomprehendable!!! They would say that by doing so, we Hindus are performing Shrik – i.e. comparing anyone to God

Smile back at them with ease. Tell them that its His divinity that we worship, not His physical body. It’s His soul that we worship not His form. It’s His essence that we worship, not His gross. It’s The Godliness that He evokes that we worship, not his human form.

They probably will not understand it. They will still claim it Paganism or worshiping if idols.

Tell then that it’s not the statue, but the radiance that it emits which is worshiped. Statues made of brick and mortar are just a window to that reflection. But to understand the intricacies of a religion one needs to have a heart willing to understand; not conditioned into accepting what’s been taught.

Ask them to go deeper into their own religion. Ask them about philosophies like “Fana-Al-Fana”, and the concepts of “Fana and Baka”. Ask them to investigate what is “Haal” and “Maqam”. Ask them to read “Rumi” and other Sufi saints, and they probably for good will discover the same fragrance of paradise coming from their motherland that the Prophet did thousands of miles away.

Tell them that Prophet lamented that He may be an Arab but was a Hindu at heart. And that you are proud to be an Indian and a Hindu by birth.



A lot of Muslim friends seem to claim that the Hadith quoted above are either wrong or at most weak, and thus not considered worthy.

Friends, am not sure if these are fake because they come from Muslim annals and you can verify the same by yourself through a humble google search. Regarding being weak or strong does not undermine their credibility. Because if they were spoken by the Prophet, then they deserve contemplation. Any act to sideline them is equavelent to trying to hide them in spite of knowing that they are from Prophet. This act is in tune the the act of the Meccan pagans who tried to hide the truth about Prophet in spite of knowing that what He spoke was correct and thus were termed as Kafirs.

So I urge sir, before you downvote or report my answer, please note that this act of hiding the truth about Prophet in spite of knowing that it’s true will lead you into the same folds as the kafirs of Mecca.

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  • February 12, 2017 at 11:57 pm

    The Hindu Girl of Kerala pl do not ever think of converting to islam because it will destroy your life and you will not remain as a human after conversion. First leave the muslim majority college in which you are learning and immediately join hindu majority college in any other part of kerala or in rest of India also remember that islam is not at all the way to salvation but it is the way of destruction so pl do not abandon your status as a hindu pl stick to it very firmly hindu dharma is the only way to salvation i.e. a way to solve all your problems henceforth pl stay away from all non hindu forces that will save your life
    help our country to remain as a hindu majority nation

  • February 15, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Must read article for all Hindus

  • February 16, 2017 at 1:34 am

    This is just just fantastic… to shut the lips of muslims who think only their religion is true religion..

  • February 16, 2017 at 10:45 am

    Ask them if the world began in 700AD, when the prophet lived…. what happened to the millions of people before him, didn’t they go to heaven?

    the earth is 13.5b years old, the earth 4b years, life around 65m years old, and humans are around 2m years old. Only the Sanathana Dharma recognises these, others are merely passing fads. Every 2000 years or so, the gods people worship change. Zeus, Ra, etc were equally powerful “Gods” in their time in Greece, Egypt, the other cradles of civilisation.

    You’re lucky to be born Hindu. Discover for yourself the freedoms that life has to offer.

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  • February 17, 2017 at 10:02 am

    Eye opener to all Hindus who argue baselessly… Well written well thought..

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