A R Rehman Says “It is not my India” Over Journo Gauri’s Murder, People Trolled Him Brutally

From his very first film ‘Roja’, he has tugged at heartstrings with riveting melodies that speak of patriotism and peace in India. But when music maestro AR Rahman chose to speak out on Friday about the brutal murder of  journalist Gauri Lankesh, he was told to leave the country that he has composed many tributes to.

Rahman was attending the premiere of his film One Heart: The AR Rahman Concert Film on Thursday in Mumbai, when he was asked to comment on Gauri’s murder in Karnataka. His immediate response was, “I am so, so sad about that. I hope these things don’t happen in India. If these things happen in India, then it is not my India. I want India to be progressive and kind ”

This statement has landed him in trouble online and people criticized the music director:

When a journo who is pro left, anti hindu, anti modi, anti govt, anti RSS, and anti national gets attacked or murdered than whole of the media, activists and artists  started crying over it but when A HINDU GETS KILLED NO ONE CREATES ANY NOISE, this is their truth.