All India Imam Organisation want nationwide ban on cow slaughter

Demanding a nationwide ban on cow slaughter, chief imam of the All India Imam Organisation (AIIO) Umer Ahmed Ilyasi today said that cow should be declared as a “national animal”.

He also said that religious sentiments of a group towards cow should be respected.

“Beef is openly consumed in Kerala, Goa and northeastern states, whereas there is a ban on it in some states. We want that there should be a uniform law in the country that will ban the slaughter of cows. Besides that, cow should be declared as a national animal,” Ilyasi told reporters here.

“Cow is a matter of faith for a religious group and all other communities should respect it,” he added.

Talking about Bihar Minority Welfare Minister Khurshid alias Feroz Ahmad chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’ in the state assembly premises recently, Ilyasi said, “Chanting or not chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’ is a matter of personal faith. But I believe that ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ or ‘Jai Sri Ram’ chants are acclamation of their victories,” Ilaysi said.

“I don’t find anything wrong in someone’s glorification.

We should come out of such petty mindset,” he added.

He said the controversial Ram temple issue should be resolved through a dialogue between the members of Hindu and Muslim communities as has been suggested by the apex court.

With the inputs from DNAindia