Anti Hindu: NDTV Journo Rana Ayyub compared 72 Virgins with Lord Krishna

Rana Ayyub commented something about Shri Krishna without even understanding the significance. We all have seen Rana Ayyub commenting against Hindus and favoring Islamic Bigots, we also have seen her bashing Modi at every point in time. According to her Hindus were the reason behind 2002 riots but we never have seen her saying a word about Kashmiri Exodus of Hindus in 1989.

Rana Ayyub wrote a tweet in which she wrote “Prayers for Pakistan” this tweet was made in context of the Lahore Bomb Blast.

But this tweet irked a lot of Indian Nationalists. According to them when Pakistanis don’t pray for India when such incidents happen rather Pakistan is the reason behind such incidents in India then why someone from India should pry for them?

A man who keeps such thoughts said that- the man who blasted in Lahore has got his share of 72 Virgins, as Mullahs brainwash the Muslim Community, and he said he will pray that even Rana Ayyub gets her share of 72 VIrgin men.


But Rana Ayyub replied to him in the most Anti Hindus fashion and wrote something very derogatory about Lord Krishna.


But it becomes our prerogative and our duty to tell her what was the significance of 16000 wives of Lord Krishna. Though we know she will not learn from it but still we will try our level best to make her understand.

Yes, it is mentioned in mahabharata that Krishna killed Narkasura and rescued 16,000 captured girls and married them. Now a God can do that, but I have a different opinion.

Many ancient stories are written in a certain way so as to benefit the reader and the listener. Many of these words are not to be taken in literal form like when they say Ravana had 10 heads, it does not mean he actually had ten heads. It simply meant he was very intelligent and brainy. Also that he could not be defeated or killed by chopping of the head.

REAL interpretation:

Narkasur: Demon or extra-terrestrial body

Everything evil has often been called Asura. According to a saint, Narakasur was actually a comet coming towards the earth that Krishna destroyed with his weapon – Sudharshana chakra by dividing it into thousands of pieces which fell on earth harmlessly. This can be so true because there is no other evidence or mention of Narakasur in any scriptures. Some say he was ruler of Pragjyotishpura (Guwahati). That makes me wonder how did a demon community have a kingdom up there. But even there the story stats with a gigantic mountain hurling towards Krishna who destroyed it with his mace or sudharshana chakra. Further Narkasur was also called Bhaumasur (Son of earth)- which may be because Comet do look like a piece of planets.

The mystery of 16,000 wives.

There are 72,000 nadis (nerve channels) of which around 16,000 are the most important… some claim they are 16,100 important nadis. Krishna is considered the first purna avatar: The mortal incarnation with full divine powers. Krishna is said to have mastered all the seven chakras and had the power to manifest anything he wanted out of thin air. It is possible to do so only when you have power of the 5 elements which is possible only when you open up all the chakras. When you do so- All you nadis are in your own control. So when they say he had 16,000 wives, it just means that he had control over 16,000 nadis of his.

there is also a mention that Krishna had 16,000 gopis and has the same story as above which also can be interpreted the same way.

Krishna lila – is the dance of the nadis i.e. awakening of the self. (krishna= self, Gopi= nadis)

Another funny thing is the romantic relationship between Radha and Krishna.

Krishna was brought up in the same village where Radha was married to. Now even considered child marriage – Radha must have been at least 16 years old while Krishna stayed in that village only till the age of 12 years (11 years actually) when he killed his uncle Kamsa and moved on.

So, logically can a 10 year old romance with a 16–19 years old. They were just best buddies, a divine relationship of friends which we fail to notice. even now when we see a boy and girl together we think they must be having a affair. Radhas and other Gopis faith and love was beyond over thinking. Some also claim that Radha was 10 years elder than Krishna and krishna left Gokul at age 7. Guys 7 years. Imagine, a 7 year old proposes a 17 year old girl. All Gopis loved krishna. It is unfair to compare their love and friendship with romantic relationship. I can for-see lot of criticism over this, but I think many of you will agree.

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On age difference between krishna and radha:…

Mythology is called so because it is mixed with myth. There are 300 different Ramayana in the world, but they all have the same core story… it got modified with time.