Arvind Kejriwal Is Back With The Review Of This Movie, Gets Trolled By People Like Always …..

Arvind Kejriwal, when he came to the fore of politics we all were in the impression that he will change the politics for better. As he comes from a very educated background and a good change is always expected out of an IITan. But then Arvind Kejriwal proved that even IITans can fail an organization.

Arvind Kejriwal made a lot of promises and the moment he became the Chief Minister he said, “It will be great if we complete even the 40% of the poll promises.” That means he himself knew he can’t fulfill all the promises but just to fool the public he made all those promises.

His major achievements are nothing but giving reviews of Hindi Movies.

He has been silent for quite a while after he lost elections in Punjab and Goa. He changed his strategy and started spending less time on twitter. He stopped abusing Modi and stopped blaming the center for everything. He even stopped reviewing movies.

But today he did what he does the best. He reviewed another Movie. He reviewed Secret Superstar of Aamir Khan.

People trolled him like they always do: