“Ashamed of being born in India” says Mamata but silent on Barkati’s anti national comment

Expressing anguish after being called names by a BJP leader, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said she “feels ashamed of being born in India.”

“I feel ashamed of being born in India….all states can be silenced but Bengal will not be silenced, no matter how much fear you create Delhi,” Mamata said in reference to the BJP-ruled Centre.

She was reacting to untoward remarks made against her by a BJP leader last month.

“Mamata Banerjee is practising the politics of appeasement and indulging in theatrics. We cannot understand whether Mamata Banerjee is a man or a woman. I’d say she has become a ‘hijra’ (eunuch),” Shyamapada Mondal had said at a gathering of Bhartiya Janata Party workers.

Referring to Mondal’s comment, Banerjee said, “Looking at the country it seems like a snake is spitting venom. There are fake accounts on social media that are asking the religion. I was called a hijra (eunuch). Where has this courage come from. There is hooliganism in the name of religion.”

Targeting the BJP in her speech, the TMC chief further said, “Only Bengal can stop the waive of the intolerance that is going on in the country in the name of religion. I feel bad when I see that this is my country.”

Mamata bannerji condemns what BJP leader said but maintains silence over tipu sultan shahi imam barkati who said he “If namaz, azaan, Quran and Shariat law are banned then jihad will begin,” Imam Barkati said while speaking to reporters.

“Why would this nation be a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, why can’t it be a ‘Muslim Rashtra’. Why can’t the 25-30 crore Muslim population of India be given Pakistan, we will fight for Pakistan,” the Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque said.

“If ‘Hindu Rashtra’ becomes a reality and azaan, cow meat, Quran are prohibited, then we will not spare you and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he warned.

with the inputs from www.indiatvnews.com and zee news