BANNED VIDEO: 1990 Ayodhya masscare of hindus By Mulayam

Ayodhya October 1990: A tale of Fascism, police Brutality and Hindu Massacre

In month of October 1990, about 1.1 million (11 lakh) Hindus had assembled in Ayodhya to peacefully protest and raise the centuries old demand for the rebuilding of Ram Mandir, at the site where Hindus believe that Lord Rama was born. However under the instructions of the then Chief Minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh , Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Uttar Pradesh Police Force and the several battalions of the RPF (Rapid Action Force) were ordered to cordon off Ayodhya. Soon after the the police at the behest of the State Administration started spraying the peacefully protesting Hindus with live rounds. Given the anti Hindu nature of the Indian Administration and no official enquiry was ever conducted on this massacre in which (according to ground sources) a minimum of 30-40 thousand Hindus were killed because of the police firing and others were killed in the stampede.

The exact count of the grievously injured is not available however even by conservative estimates the numbers could be as high as in hundreds of thousands. The intention of the administration was clearly not to disperse the crowds but to ensure a huge body count in order to put the fear of the administration and those that vote en masse for successive anti governments that ensure that Hindu voices are never heard. Sadly all attempts to bring this out in the public domain were stifled due to the Fascistic tendencies of the Indian State to drown free speech. Since India is at the eve of general elections and the likelihood of BJP returning to power seems a possibility, the Hindus all the world over not only insist by also demand that an official enquiry be made regarding this massacre and all those responsible for the massacre of Hindus be brought to justice.

It is also necessary that the families of the Hindus who lost their lives be properly compensated at the expense of the state exchequer and the go ahead for rebuilding a grand temple dedicated to Rama be given. Let us remember that is isn’t merely a Hindu Human Rights issue, but a challenge to the values of liberalism, free speech and dignity of human lives that is an integral part of the discourse in the civilized world. On that fateful day, it wasn’t merely the lives of innocent Hindus that was lost but it was also the day when freedom was killed in cold blood by fascism.


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