Calcutta High Court Slaps Mamata Banerjee Over Durga Immersion issue For Appeasing Muslims

The Calcutta High Court on Wednesday slammed the state government over its decision to bar the immersion of Durga idols on October 1, also the scheduled day of Muharram.

The court asked: “Why can’t two communities celebrate together?” The acting Chief Justice of the High Court will pronounce the final order to settle the debate once and for all, tomorrow.

The court also asked the state government why it was creating “communal distinction” between Hindus and Muslims in the state.

It asked, “When you (state govt) are firm there is communal harmony in the state, why are you creating communal distinction between the two?”

In its final statement before adjourning proceedings for the day, the court indicated that it would rule against the state government’s diktat.

“Let them live in harmony. Do not create a line between them. Let them live together,” said Calcutta High Court on Durga idol immersion.

The state government had earlier decided to allow immersion of Durga idols till 6 pm but later “changed its mind” to let it continue till 10 pm on October 1.

Mamata Banerjee’s order against immersion of Durga idols on account of Muharram had stirred up a controversy.

Directing the police to hold talks with Durga Puja committees and Muharram committees regarding holding of rallies on October 1, Mamata had then asked people not to fall prey to provocations that could cause communal problems in the state. The Trinamool Congress chief further asked people not to get incited by posts on social media.

Stressing that the administration would not let anybody disturb the secular atmosphere of the state, Banerjee said that police would take action in such cases.

“Muharram is not a festival, we must keep that in mind. It’s our responsibility. I have heard that some people have plans to disturb and drive people down a wrong path,” she said, adding that the puja committees should play a “bigger role” in this context.

Courtesy: Times Now