Cheapest Bus in India at Rs 1 for 17.5 km which runs on cow dung biogas launched in Kolkata


The revered cow has a new utility, as biogas produced from its dung will fuel the cheapest mode of transport for people in the country.

A Kolkata-based company has designed a bus that will run on biogas produced from cow dung.

The first bus will be flagged off on Friday and will run between Ultadanga in the north and Garia in the south in Kolkata.

At just Rs 1 for the 17.5 km stretch, the bus will be the cheapest mode of transport for a passenger in the country.

(The lowest fare in a Kolkata bus is Rs 6, which goes up to Rs 12 for 17 km, and that of a Delhi bus that run on CNG is Rs 5 for 4 km and upwards.)

Phoenix India Research and Development Group, which has produced the biogas from cow dung, has tied up with heavy vehicle major Ashok Leyland to manufacture the 54-seater bus at a cost of Rs 13 lakh approximately.

The biogas that will be used to drive the bus is produced at a plant in Bengal’s Birbhum district. (HT Photo)


Explaining the economics, he said, “The biogas we produce costs Rs 20 a kg. The bus can run 5 km on one kg now.”

Das, who has a PhD in Botany and has been working on biogas for the past eight years, said they are planning to source a technology from Germany that “will enable the vehicle to run 20 km on the same amount of fuel. The tank can hold 80 kg gas, and therefore, the vehicle can run 1,600 km on a full tank. That’s why the fare is so cheap.”


Phoenix has set up a biogas plant in Dubrajpur of Birbhum district, about 204 km north of Kolkata. Right now it can produce 1,000 kg of gas.

Here are some the other uses of Cow :

1. Fuel – cow dung patties (gootte) for cooking

2. Fertilizer – composting makes it even more powerful

3. Heat source – cow dung is naturally hot -compost makes hotter put in glass house to heat glass house or run pipes thru it to get hot water.

3. Purifier – natural antiseptic qualities

4. Floor coating – used mixed with mud and water on floors in mud houses. Improves water absorption of mud. Prevents muddy puddles resulting from spilt water.

5. Mud brick additive – improves resistance to disintegration

6. Skin tonic – mixed with crushed neem leaves smeared on skin – good for boils and heat rash (SP used it for heat rash in Mayapur.)

7. Smoke producer – smoldering cow patties keep away mosquitoes. Can also make smoked paneer over such smoke. Tastes great in pasta! /images/graemlins/smile.gif


Ash – from patties used in cooking. –

8. Pot cleaner – used dry absorbs oil and fat wet as a general cleaner

9. Brass polisher – tamarind removes oxidation – wet ashes polishes

10. Fertilizer – alkaline – cow dung ash is basically lime with a few other mineral mixed in

11. Mud additive – dries up slippery mud puddles

12. Mud brick additive – mud and lime (cow dung ashes) becomes like cement

13. Pond PH balancer – thrown into pond neutralizes acid.

14. Tooth polish –

15. Sun-dried organic recreational-aerodynamic-device -cow patty Frisbees /images/graemlins/wink.gif

16. Fan for fire – large cow patties can be used as make shift fans.

17. Deity worship – ingredient in panca gavya