Congress, Presstitute And AAP Party’s Lie Caught Red Handed Which Tried To Defame PM Modi …

Gujarat elections are coming and here is how people from opposition are trying to defame and tarnish the image of PM Modi by manipulating the news , here is the first video which is shared by Acharya Pramod who is a is a well-known ‘spiritual guru’ known for his support to congress and anti modi views.

Here is what he shared with tweet saying “PM Modi started appeasing Muslims by wearing Muslim attire in a closed room but not in public”

And another guy who is a journalist with news laundry also shares the FAKE video by referring to Gujarat elections. Here is what he tweeted “Modi is so scared to lose Gujarat, he’s started to appease Muslim minority. You can see him bowing in front of & kissing the Islamic text.”

Sanjay Singh from AAP party also shared the same :

But here is the truth of this video :

Truth Is Here: