Do Kashmiri Muslims Hate Kashmiri Pandit ?

Here is an excellent ans from Kashmir Pandit Ayush Khazanchi  Posted on Quora

First things first: I am a kashmiri pandit.

Mr. Lone Izhar , you wrote three things in your answer and I’d like to highlight it here:

  1. “Not at all. I consider same race or real ethnic pundits as my family members”
  2. “In the name of pundit rehabilitation, we will never support accommodation of behari, UP Brahmans with pundit surnames.”
  3. “. But i wont support fake pundits (Indian-nationalist agents) who try to Indianize our nation, race, culture & society.”

I’ll dismantle each and every argument of yours .

  1. I am really happy to see that you consider us of your race or family. But, I would have been happier if people of your community in valley hadn’t butchered , killed and raped my fellow Kashmiri pandit brothers and sisters in the year 1990. Ask your near and dear ones where were they when 4 Lac Kashmiri pandit families had to run away on that fateful night in January 1990?
  2. You say that we are of your race. On the contrary, it is the opposite. History has been a witness to the fact that there have been seven exoduses of Kashmiri pandits and , due to compulsion, Kashmiri pandits were forced to convert their religion into Islam. So, you are ill-informed and not well-read. I don’t blame you for being ill informed because ,unfortunately, when you are surrounded with people who consider a terrorist (read Burhan Wani) as a martyr, you are bound to have myopic view and that too an extremist one at that.
  3. You say that you will not support Indianizing of your nation: Again, you are ill-informed. As I said, a person like you who has seen gun culture around you because of terrorists like Masrat Alam, Yaseen Malik, Geelani(read PAKISTANI AGENTS). You have been indoctrinated. On a side note, I hope you are not involved with such anti national elements because the place where you live is INDIA my friend because of a simple logic that: JAMMU & KASHMIR IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA. Now, I know you will go on with the usual rant of UN Resolution and Article 370, Pt. Nehru’s promise of plebiscite. But, trust me , nothing will happen because your friends in Pakistan in the form of Mr. Nawaz Sharif have tried so hard to raise the Kashmir Bogey in the United Nations that no body gives a damn. Moreover, the resolution(about which you were planning to write ) comes under the non binding resolution of UN. Mr. Kofi Annan had himself said this that these provisions are non binding. I know what will you do now : Search Kofi Annan on Google. I will make things simpler for you my ill-informed friend from India that he was the ex Secretary General of the United Nations.
  4. You say that you will never support pandit rehabiliation with fake pandit surnames blah blah… Firstly, my ill-informed friend from India, atleast check your spelling. I know you are narrowly educated with skill set as : stone pelting, but make productive use of Google and learn English. By the way, your english seems to be like Pakistani cricket players. Maybe because of the influence they have on you through pakistani agents like Geelani *my sympathies*. Secondly, coming to the point, Kashmir belongs to India and this nonsense of not allowing people will not be tolerated. You are no authority to stop people from coming in , so kindly, keep quiet. I’d have remotely agreed with you on this point, but, you see, I often find people from your community selling shawls across India(even outside Kashmir). So, if you have such a problem of people coming from outside, why not stop your people to come out of Kashmir with begging bowls for employment.

P.S. I am in a good mood today, I’d not like to be harsh on you.

Coming to Mr. Fazal Bhat .

Oh boy, valley seems to be engulfed with terror creatures like you.

I mean what else should I say. You are using Burhan Wani’s video to support your answer. So, who was Burhan Wani?

I know you will say he was a freedom fighter, but my dear uneducated person from valley, Hizbul Mujahideen is a terrorist group. May be you did your schooling from Hizbul Mujahideen/some stupid wahabi madrasa , but I guess you are blindly in love with your alma-mater and because of which you have failed to recognize that you are actually supporting an alumni of yours who was a terrorist.

I pity you Mr. Bhat because your mind has been ingrained with such ideology. By the way, point 1–4 above apply to you as well.

Coming to the picture you shared: If you have to lie, lie smartly no. But, I am sure your school(read H.M. -the way you wrote in your answer) didn’t teach you to have smart brains. I’ll tell you why are you dumb. Firstly, no kashmiri pandit will do that unless you have kept a gun by his side(people from your school are capable of doing this). Secondly, if you wanted this to be authentic, you should have at least asked this woman to wear a ‘dejohur’. At least, she would have looked original Kashmiri pandit woman. But, then as I said your school manufactures dumb people. So, I blame them. Hence, you are absolved of it.

*May be for your next fake picture you can use this idea*

You wrote :” …. G.O.I. which is a threat to kashmir demography. There are pandits living almost every nook and corner of kashmir along with muslims.”

I need to dissect this for your simplicity because I know your alma mater hasn’t taught you to be smart.

  1. Threat to demography: Here is how I can prove your dumbness my ill informed friend. Kashmir was a hindu majority area and due to 7 forcible exoduses Hindus had to leave. So, technically, you are harming the demography.
  2. You spoke about G.O.I. Well , it is this government that gives you “package”. I guess , they should stop. Because you and your friends should realize how will an economically parlayzed Kashmir look like with absolutely no tourism.

Note: Technically, because of your alum -Mr. Burhan wani- your tourism died a million deaths since last year.

3. Coming to the last part of your sentence..”pandits live in almost every nook and corner” . Has your alma mater asked you to put on some blinkers or did you write this answer while covering your face with cloth and pelting stones on the Indian Army. Well, I guess , it must be the latter part because it is your Hobby.

So, assuming that you were writing this answer while you were pursuing your hobby, I am sure you must have turned crazy in that moment. Almost 99.99% Kashmiri pandit families who lived in valley had to leave in January 1990 when some people from your community started murdering people from my community.

P.S. Read some good books. You are deprived of quality education. While stone pelting gives you money on a per hour basis, it can’t be written on resume. Obviously, you can write this skill provided you apply to your alma mater’s competitors like Hurriyat.

Coming to the question at hand, only a handful of kashmiri muslims are nice to pandits, majority of them are not. Here is a hypocrisy, they want all priviliges from India, yet they speak incessantly against India. Moreover , it is not the question about Muslims hating Pandits, it is about how certain sections of valley are speaking against the Union of India and that can’t be tolerated.

Edit 1: Mr. Lone Izhar . I see that you have mentioned that you live in Pakistan-an enemy country of India-in your profile. Perhaps, that’s the reason for your dumbness. Credentials of your country: A country that has produced stalwarts in the area of terrorism like Bin Laden, Hafiz Saaed ,Zarqhawi etc. At least before commenting on India’s internal affairs realize the fact that people of Jammu & Kashmir vote in large numbers during state elections. Also, you need to keep a check on your Balochistan.