Here is how Fustrated Pakistan Reacted after Trump’s Warning To Them For Supporting Islamic Terrorism

Reacting to US President Donald Trumps “lies and deceit” comments, Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Thursday said he “is singing Indias tune” and that the Islamabad’s civIslamabad’sitary leaderships were on the same page.

Asif said the US government’s claim of releasing a dispensation of $33 billion in aid to Pakistan was also baseless, the Express news reported.

Speaking during a meeting here on Thursday of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, the Foreign Minister said the Trump administration disregarded the facts presented by Pakistan about the situation in Afghanistan.

The Foreign Minister went on to say that the Trump stance disregards the many sacrifices Pakistan has made in the war against terrorism. “We will not make any deals when it comes to our honour,” he added.

In the last four years, Asif said, we have been forced to deal with the mess left behind in Afghanistan for so many decades.

Courtesy: zee news