Hilarious : Mayawati Says “Jindagi Barbaad Ho Gayi” after loosing the UP Elections

In UP Elections Public was so brutal to Mayawati. They literally have ended her political career. After loosing the UP elections Mayawati is no more an MLA, not an MP, and she can’t even sit in Rajya Sabha as her party doesn’t have enough numbers. So, that means she will not be heard and she will not be seen for next five years. Five years are way too much for a political leader in this fast pace era of politics where everything depends upon Visibility.

Today when Kejriwal makes numerous tweets, facebook lives, press conferences and gets vocal in Delhi Vidhan Sabha even then he is not heard by people, how do you think Mayawati will cope up with such a situation? This is literally an end to Mayawati and BSP. She will extinct sooner or later. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections she will again get 0 seats (she got the same numbers in 2014 Lok Sabha elections as well). In 2014 she said “People vote differently for state and nation wide elections.” But these UP elections are eye opener for her and she herself knows that she is not far from over now.

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