Iconic 300-year old temple’s wall demolished to make way for Indira canteen In Karnataka ……..,

In a hurry to set up Indira Canteens, part of the Rameshwara Temple premises in Chamarajpet was demolished on Monday, sparking massive public outcry.

Large number of people took to the streets on Monday night to protest the demolition and on Tuesday too, many gathered in and around the temple premises to raise their voice against the same.

Police was called in to control the mob and along with BBMP officers, they dispersed the protesters.

The 300-year-old Rameshwara Temple is known for its rich heritage and for the way it organises various festivals.

“We have no objection to the Indira Canteen project. But the way in which they are allotting space to build them is absolutely unacceptable. There is no need to build a canteen on the temple premises which has such a rich history. We will not allow to build canteen on Rameshwara Temple premises,” said B V Ganesh, a former member of BBMP.

The locals also protested that building a canteen so close in the temple compound would taint its sanctity.

“The land on which the temple is built belongs to the government and this is where they ordered the canteen to be built. What we did was with full permits and on the order of the state,” said Shadakshara Swamy, Muzarai department commissioner.

Courtesy: TOI