‘If a Hindu Marries Twice, You are Happy Sending him to Jail but Worry About a Muslim Going to Jail for Triple Talaq’ Says Pm Modi To Pro Muslim Congress

In his second Parliamentary speech of the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi castigated Congress for obstructing BJP’s policies. Abolishing instant triple talaaq was one such remarkable issue, Modi said, in which Congress could but did not act owing to its vote bank politics.

“Several members of opposition raised their voice that if a boy of another community is jailed for giving triple talaaq to his wife, what will his old parents do, how will they survive. But they never raise voice when a Hindu boy in similar circumstances is sent to jail for marrying two women,” Modi said in his Rajya Sabha speech.

Modi said that Congress did not have the moral courage to introduce triple talaaq bill. “The kind of law you wanted on triple talaq…even you could have done it. Your minister had raised voice against triple talaq 30 years ago but when he saw the political pressure was building up from all sides, he was asked to leave.’

In the same vein Modi attacked Congress for not whole-heartedly supporting OBC commission bill. The bill, which aims to grant Constitutional status to a National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC), was stalled in Rajya Sabha during the last Parliament session.

“OBCs have now stood up. Why should someone oppose recognition of the OBC commission? They are not only takers in this society. They have a lot to offer as well. You don’t have the courage to openly oppose it, hence you’re finding reasons to oppose this bill,” Modi said.

He also recounted some BJP initiatives such as ‘One Rank One Pension’ and ‘GST’ and claimed that his party had implemented all the things that Congress had only promised.

While opposing BJP and its policies, Modi said, Congress had begun to oppose the idea of India.

‘If India’s ease of doing business index had improved, why is Congress getting angry, shouldn’t we all feel proud? Now they have begun criticising the rating agency. Criticise Modi and BJP as much as you want but not the idea of India,” said Modi.

Adding as an aside that it was not BJP but Mahatma Gandhi who called for a Congress-mukt Bharat. “Congress-mukt bharat was Gandhi’s idea. He had recommended dissolution of Congress after independence. We are just following his footsteps,” Modi said smiling to his colleagues.

Modi went on to invoke the legacy of ’84 Sikh massacres, Emergency and corruption as being Congress’ idea of India.

“Your idea of India is one where Emergency is frequently imposed, which is full of corruption, where (in an allusion to the infamous speech of Rajiv Gandhi about anti-Sikh riots) there is an earthquake when a big tree falls.’

Responding to Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad’s jibe that BJP was “not a game-changer but a name-changer” while recounting the Congress policies that BJP had renamed and marketed as its own, Modi said that BJP was “aim-chasers”.

Courtesy: news18