JNU’s Shehla Rashid Uses Derogatory Words For Bhagwan Ram And Prophet Of Islam

Source – aajkiawaaj.com

Shehla Rashid who came into limelight during Kanhiya kumar’s case, while he was jailed . Has always tried to be a secular raising her voice against Modi, Hindus and BJP, her most hated is our Hindu religion on earth

Shehla Rahid a Kashmiri Muslim became VICE PRESIDENT of JNU by displaying her immense hatred towards Hindus , she was once a big name for supporting Human Rights in Kashmir. Freedom of speech is what she usually practices and in the name of that freedom, she bashes Modi BJP , RSS and all Hindus

She has confessed her hatred for Modi and also to an extent, that she can openly criticize Modi in public. She has been ranting about how Intolerant India has grown after Modi govt came into power

On february 9th Shehla wrote a facebook post which was shared by number of people , She wrote a post to defend an Hindu upper caste lady while explaining the difference between Hate and Hate speech

Here is her post:

Shehla Rashid – What is hate speech? What hate speech is… | Facebook

The upper caste Hindu lady wrote in her article “Bhagwan Ram was an asshole” which did not go down well with Internet Hindus , she was trolled badly by the right wing (which I think was fair enough for such act , she should be glad we did not pelt stone at her nor released a fatwa against her) know how Tolerant we are now? Insulting Hindu gods is not what we expect from an Hindu or may be this lady has plans to convert to Islam

Shehla Rashid happen to write in favour of Hindu upper caste lady who insulted Hindu god Ram, as usual Shehla seeking Media attention , she is the one who hates Hindus, why would she support a Hindu lady ? That’s because this Hindu lady insulted Hindu god Ram ,which was the happiest moment for Shehla the Hindu hater

According to Shehla Rashid Ram bhagwan is not a god, but a man who is dead and that Hindu lady is being trolled over a dead man ,while she is alive . Shehla wrote better dont worry about dead man but the lady who is being abused ( shehla you actualy happened to call Ramji a dead man? seriously were you born out of a human or a satan, You very much deserved few spanks for the same , We would’nt bother about being called Hindu terrorists. YOU are lucky we Hindus are tolerant enough to even tolerate this Nonsense of your’s unlike Islam

We Hinuds are so used to letting our Gods being abused by anyone and everyone , we do not pelt stones, nor we gun down screaming hey ram, just like muslims do ‘Allah hoo akhbar’ and here you go one down!two down three down and so on.. dhai dhai dhai…. dead….

Look what Shehla wrote in her post on facebook :


What is hate speech? What hate speech is not.

A few years ago, a prominent (upper-caste Hindu woman) journalist tweeted: “Ram was an asshole”, referring to Lord Ram’s treatment of Sita, of having suspected her chastity, etc. Immediately, she was castigated, endlessly abused by right-wing Hindutvawadi trolls, branded as a whore of Pakistanis, issued rape threats, etc. They said she engaged in hate speech. She might have hurt sentiments of Ram’s supporters, sure, but it was not “hate speech”, in the strict sense of the term. All progressives stood by the journalist unflinchingly, upholding her right to offend.

Obviously, the trolls would not appreciate that what THEY were engaging in was actual hate speech against a living woman (not against a dead religious figure). We know that hate speech against women or sexual minorities is never recognised as hate speech at all, and is totally justified as a punishment for hurting “religious sentiments” — because, religious sentiments are the only “sentiments” that exist; women, sexual minorities, transgenders, disabled, etc. do not have sentiments and can be abused at will!!

Now, did she really engage in hate speech against Hindus?
I have a few thoughts and a limited point to make about this- limited, because I’m not giving away my dissertation topic in this post itself! Contrary to what Bhakts say, I do study