Justice Katju Abuses Mahatma Gandhi, calls him ‘Rascal’, ‘British agent’

Justice Katju, on Wednesday, tweeted his angst against the partition, demanding the citizens in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to strive towards unifying the nation. “All Pakistanis & Bangladeshis r Indians. Partition of 1947 was a historical swindle & fraud by the British, which must be undone (sic),” he said.

Reacting to his remark, veteran journalist R Jagannath said, “India would have been ungovernable if there had been no partition. Consider the kind of veto powers Jinnah was demanding.” The comment did not go down well with Katju, who countered him with an aggressive reply. “U r talking rubbish. Partition was a historical British swindle, & was the greatest tragedy of the sub continent in modern times (sic),” Katju commented.

The debate escalated with Jagannath, using the phrase of ‘Akhand Bharat’ while referring to unified India and Pakistan. This provoked Katju to say: “Akhand Bharat is RSS concept,with Hindu supremacy. Mine is united secular India,which doesnt tolerate religious extremism, Hindu or Muslim (sic).”

Justice Markandey Katju insults Mahatma Gandhi, calls him ‘rascal’, ‘British agent’

While responding to a series of tweets, Katju ended up saying that partition was a ploy of the British regime, which was approved by

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