Muslim boy posed as Hindu & married Hindu girl. After marriage he pressurized her to convert to Islam, Girl refused & left him, he beat her up & circulated her pics on social media to stop her marriage

The youth belonging to the Muslim community, firstly implicated the girl in her love affair and then concealed her religion and got married in the temple. After the marriage, the accused started putting pressure on the young woman to change her religion. On this, the young woman broke the relationship by refusing to change her religion, after this he made wedding photos viral on social media. Not only this, the girl’s marriage was being fixed in another place, he also showed that photo to her fiance . Which broke her relationship. The troubled young woman complained to the SDM. SDM has ordered the investigation of the case.

A colony resident, the young woman used to work in a company based in Ghaziabad three years ago. In the same company, a young man from Muslim community of Bisokhar was also working. He kept his name as Bittu. He used to tell himself as a Hindu. Proximity grew in both, and in a few days the close love affair changed. Increasingly, both of them left the house at the end of 2014 and got married in the temple of Haldwani. After the marriage, the girl came to know that he belongs to Muslim community. Everything was fine for a few days, but later the woman clarified the fact that he was associated with Islam religion. The allegation is that the young man also said that he changed his name only to marry another religion girl. It is alleged that he started putting pressure on the young woman to change her religion. The accused also use to beat her. After some days, she ended her relationship with him. After this, the relatives of the young woman fixed her relationship with another young man. On December 13, the marriage was decided. All the preparations for the marriage were also completed. In that time the accused youth did not only made marriage photos of the woman viral, but also showed the photograph to her fiance. Which broke her relationship. The young woman has alleged that the young man has threatened that she should not marry anyone.

The entire family, including the young woman, has been in shock when the relationship came to end. The victim’s side has complained to the SDM on Thursday and has demanded action against the accused. SDM has ordered the investigation of the case. About this, SDM Pawan Agarwal says that after the investigation, strict action will be taken in the case.

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