NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan Gets Irritated And Tweets ‘FO’ To A Troll, BJP Leader and Others Slammed Her

P Chidambaram pitched for greater autonomy for Jammu & Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed those remarks as an insult to brave Indian soldiers who died for Kashmir. The prime minister said the country has no hope or expectations from the Congress. In July 2016, Chidambaram had advocated greater autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir, and said that India should restore the “grand bargain” under which Kashmir had acceded by granting a large degree of autonomy to it.

To the PM Modi’s statement her is what nidhi tweeted :

Then to that tweet Nidhi replied saying ‘FO’

Then she clarified and says its FLY OUT


Then comes BJP’s Shubhrastha and gives befitting reply :

Then others also joined in slamming Nidhi: