Once again Mohammed Shami was attacked by jihadis for posting this picture

The post shows Shami digging the grave of his father.

Shami wrote, “It is quite a difficult moment for a person when he digs the grave of his own father. Thanks to the person who clicked this picture and sent it to me.”

The pacer lost his father, Tousif Ali, in January this year. Shami’s father had been hospitalized following a heart attack on January 5.


Shami with his father at the hospital.Facebook

But some Facebook users objected to the photo. They claimed that posting such a picture is un-Islamic.


Comments are in the order in which they appear.Facebook

It should be noted that Shami has often come under fire for posting certain photographs. When Shami posted a photo of himself with his wife, some Facebook users objected to her dress on the grounds of religion.

Courtesy : http://topyaps.com