Pro Muslim Congress To Drops Riot Cases Against Jihadis, Still Karnataka Hindus Vote Congress ?

A letter written by the Karnataka DGP to the police commissioners of Mangaluru, Belagavi and 21 other superintendents of police of different districts has created political furore.

In the letter marked ‘urgent’ and a reminder, written on 22.12.2017 and 02.01.2018 respectively, the DGP had sought the opinion from the police commissioners and SPs of different districts about withdrawing cases against ‘innocent’ people belonging to minority community who had allegedly participated in the communal riots in the last five years.

In a reminder written on Thursday, the DGP urged the SPs to immediately let him know their opinion on the matter.

Withdrawal of cases
This has irked BJP and Hindu organisations in Uttara Kannada district which witnessed widespread riots last December, after the death of a youth Paresh Mesta. Those accused of the murder are still at large.
Saffron organisations are fuming, as the first letter was written even as the riots were on. Rajesh Nayak, district spokesperson of BJP said that ‘it is clearly mentioned that only cases filed against the minority community will be withdrawn. It would further create insecurity among the majority community which is facing the wrath of the police. It is a wrong on the part of the government to take sides and it will be opposed tooth and nail,” he said.
KG Naik, district president of the BJP alleged that police had arrested innocent persons from the majority community. Agitation against the government for withdrawing cases against a particular community will be intensified, he said.

The issue has put the Congress on the backfoot in the district. RV Deshpande, district-in-charge minister said ‘if police have mentioned the name of one particular community in the letter then it is wrong. All those who participated in the disturbances should be tried, irrespective of their religion. He said that he was not aware of the details and against giving preferential treatment to one community. I will discuss the issue in the cabinet and ensure that all accused are treated equally before the law’ he said.

Courtesy: TOI