Ram Rahim had Sexual relationship with adopted daughter Honeypreet, claims her ex-husband

Priyanka Taneja alias Honeypreet Insan, 42, has a controversial past, with sources saying she married Vishwas Gupta, a moneyed man who was a Dera follower, on February 14, 1999.

She came close to Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim and in 2009 moved a dowry harassment case against her in-laws. However, Vishwas Gupta moved the court in 2011 accusing the Baba of having illicit relations with his wife and had sought judicial custody of his wife from Ram Rahim. He, however, took the case back and got separated after reaching an out-of-court settlement with Priyanka. The Dera chief adopted Priyanka and gave her the new name Honeypreet Insaan.

According to her estranged husband, Vishwas Gupta, both Ram Rahim and Honeypreet started living and spending quality time together. She became a close aide of the Dera chief and both were spotted together on many occasions.

“Honeypreet was adopted by Baba as he had bad intentions. He sexually exploited her as she was beautiful,” Vishwas Gupta, who continues to lead a secret life following threats from Rahim’s men, said.

Seven of Dera aides were arrested on charges of following him.

She became his ‘favourite’ daughter and started getting special treatment. She started taking important Dera decisions and later even learned film direction and acting. She also directed MSG The Warrior Lion Heart.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim had claimed that Honeypreet had broken Jackie Chan’s record by playing 21 different roles in another Baba film MSG: Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab.

“PAPA’s ANGEL, Philanthropist, Director, Editor, Actress!! Passionate to transform my Rockstar Papa’s directions into actions,” says Honeypreet on Twitter who has over 1.02 million Twitter followers. She is also an active Facebook user and has over 505,976 followers.

She also openly tweeted about her friendship with Gurmeet Ram Rahim on August 6, 2017.

“My Best Friend @Gurmeetramrahim Pa, Ur love lights up an entire lifetime! Thank U for being U! Happy Friendship Day!” she tweeted with a background song “I wish tere jasa dost sabko mile”.

The controversial daughter called the Dera chief a storehouse of energy when he celebrated his 50th birthday on August 15, 2017.

“”#HappyBirthDayGuruPa Congrats for d phenomenal 50 yrs! Thanx for turning every darkest hour into a brightest moment,” she tweeted.

She once again made news when she accompanied the rapist Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan in a chopper on Friday when he was taken to Rohtak jail from Panchkula. According to the jail manual, no woman can stay with a male prisoner but the jail authorities, in contravention to the guidelines laid down in the jail manual, had allowed Honeypreet to stay with the Dera chief in the guest house. Both were in the guest house for nearly two hours.

Sources said the Dera chief had created a ruckus when the jail authorities asked him to shift to a lockup. He even threatened to get the jail officials suspended and even tried to call the Chief Minister and a union minister.


Vishwas Gupta, the estranged husband of Honeypreet, revealed the entire episode that led to his separation from his wife and he puts the blame squarely on Ram Rahim.

“I was staying at the goofa, private room of Baba ji. My wife was with him. He had inadvertenly left the door open. They were nude and were having sex. They were shocked after they saw me. Baba had threatened me with dire consequences. He had threatened me not to reveal anything and had said that I will be killed,” Gupta said.

He said that he along with his parents were compelled to leave the Dera and later started living in Panchkula. The decision was taken in view of the threat. The family had been a Dera follower for 40 years.

Vishwas said that Baba Ram Rahim wanted to come close to Honeypreet. He had allegedly adopted her on the first day of marriage. Vishwas and Honeypreet accompanied Baba Ram Rahim wherever he would go, but Baba did not let her sleep with Vishwas. Baba and Honeypreet would sleep together in a single room.

Vishwas got married to Honeypreet, alias Priyanka, a resident of Fatehabad on February 14, 1999. Baba had given her a new name as Honeypreet.

“Baba had thrown a big party in goofa in 1999 and had announced that he was adopting my wife and I will be his son-in-law. She will be his middle daughter,” Vishwas said.

Courtesy: India Today