Sambit Patra Gives Befitting Reply To Digvijay Singh For Supporting Lucknow Terrorist Attack

After the terror attacks which took place in Lucknow recently while four states come together to bust the ISIS module in Lucknow, Congress leaders are busy politicizing the terror attack.

Out of nowhere, Congress leader Digvijay Singh blamed the Indian government for the attack, Instead of criticizing the radicalization Muslim Youth he is sympathizing with them. He said that we are not providing the equal rights to Muslims and that is the main reason they are getting influenced with Terror Groups. All he is doing he playing dirty politics and forcefully dragging Muslims in the row.

Check what Sambit said:

Check what Digvijay said:

Even terrorist involved in Lucknow attack Saifullah’s father has accused his son and didn’t even accept his dead body for deceiving the country. But people like Digvijay Singh can never understand this as they only live for votes.

Here you can watch the shameless statement by Digvijay Singh to the Times Now reporter:

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