Sex CD’s Of Congressman to hit Karnataka politicians hard on February 3 ?

In a shocking development, Suvarna sources have stated that two sex CDs will be released on February 3 in Bengaluru. It is also said that the CDs have sensational details of Congress leaders in compromising positions.

Though the names of leaders involved in the video have not been exposed, it is expected to create a ripple in the Karnataka as well as Kerala politics.

Especially with Assembly elections nearing this video is also said to be a timely expose to tarnish the leaders. RTI activist Ramamurthy Gowda is said to be releasing the CD at the Bengaluru Press Club.  The press release states that along with Ramamurthy, RTI activists Rajashekhar Mulali, Manjunath Narasimhamurthy, Bhaskar, Raghavendra, advocates Nataraj Sharma, Doreraju and others are expected to take part.

But in the latest development, it is said that Ramamurthy’s phone is switched off and is not available for clarification. But the release states that he will be at the Press Club to release the CD.

Will this just be like the HY Meti CD case, the time will tell…