SHOCKING: Cows Smuggled to Bangladesh on Floating Banana Stems from Assam, Inhumane Act

Cow smugglers in Assam’s Dhubri district have been found tying the animal to wood logs and rafting them across the Brahmaputra River to Bangladesh.

These cattle smugglers are resorting to such newer ways to dodge security forces.

If locals are to be believed, around 300 to 400 cows are being smuggled across the day to Bangladesh.

Most of these animals die in transit either out of suffocation or murder.

There are symbols and codes imprinted on cows to keep a track so that they can be identified by the traders.

A local resident said, “Cattle are brought from West Bengal through trucks. Cows are tied using banana leaves and ferried across the river. The smuggling happens mostly during night time, but such incidents are reported in broad daylight as well. Officials have not taken any action yet in this case.”

As many as 3.5 lakh heads of cattle are smuggled every year. It has been learnt that while one head of cattle is sold for Rs 55,000 in Assam, the same animal fetches Rs 1 lakh in Bangladesh.

India and Bangladesh constantly keep passing the buck for putting an end to this illegal trade on each other while not taking any concerted step on their own.

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