Shocking : For Bihar education department experts, Kashmir is not a part of India

If you ask a child in any part of the country whether Kashmir is part of India, chances are he/ she will answer 90% of the times correctly.
However, the same doesn’t hold true for experts in the Bihar education department.

As per a report in The Times of India, the Bihar education department experts believe Kashmir is a separate country located outside India.
In a class VII question paper put together by the state board, students across all government schools were asked to name what the people of five countries — China, Nepal, England, Kashmir and India — are called.

The question, obviously, stumped students who knew that Kashmir was part of India. The erroneous question was reported to authorities by a student of Vaishali district.

Commenting on the error, Vaishali district education officer Sangeeta Sinha told TOI: “I was on leave and have just resumed work. I will have to look into the matter.”

The Bihar Education Project Council (BEPC) state programme officer Prem Chandra, however, was more forthcoming. He admitted the gaffe and said, “It’s very embarrassing, I admit.”

Chandra described it as a printing error.

Courtesy: Times Now

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