Shocking To Hear About How This Hindu Boy Was Forced To Convert To Islam, Maulana Defends It

Two Muslim teachers accused of forcing the only two Hindu students of a government-run residential school in Mewat to offer namaz have been suspended, while another has been transferred.

A three-member panel, led by the district education officer, has also been constituted by deputy commissioner Mani Ram Sharma to investigate the charges against the three teachers of Mewat Model School in Madhi village. The school has 207 students and is one among several run by the Mewat Development Agency (MDA) for local residents.

Action was taken against the trio — a computer science teacher, an Urdu teacher, and a social science teacher who’s also the hostel warden — after parents of the Hindu students complained to Sharma on July 22. While one of the Hindu boys is a student of class VIII, the other studies in class IX. They are cousins.

“Other students in the school have said the three teachers would ask the two Hindu students to abide by Islamic norms and offer namaz. The teachers also often asked the two Hindu students to convert to Islam,” teacher in-charge Naveen Shakti said.

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The computer science teacher and the Urdu teacher were suspended on July 28, while the hostel warden has been transferred to another school in Firozpur Zhirka, she added. The school, however, is left with only five teachers now.

Shamim Ahmad, project officer of the Mewat Development Agency, said, “As per the complaints of the parents, action has been taken against the teachers. The truth will come out after the final probe report.”