Some Confused Indian’s Are Down Rating SanpDeal App Instead Of SnapChat, Hilarious Comments

A former Snapchat employee has alleged that the social media company’s chief executive officer Evan Spiegel was disinterested to expand the business to “poor countries” like India. American news website Variety quoted the ex-employee, Anthony Pompliano, as saying that Spiegel told him that the popular app is “only for rich people”, which has led to severe backlash in India.

Evan Spiegel

According to the Variety report, Mr Pompliano – who has also worked at tech giant Facebook – was in a meeting with the Snapchat CEO to discuss and propose ideas for global outreach and growth of the application when he was “abruptly” interrupted by Mr Spiegel.

“The app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain,” Mr Spiegel reportedly told Mr Pompliano.

After this many Indian’s lost their cool and started reporting snap chat App but some Indians thought snap deal and snap chat are same so they also reported snap deal App which is an Indian E commerce company founded by Indian.

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